Gokcehan Turkish Coffee 100g

Gokcehan Turkish Coffee 100g




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A Rich History

Gokcehan Turkish Coffee is a specialty Turkish Coffee brand. The earliest instance of coffee drinking comes from Yemen in the 15th century. In later years, coffee drinking would spread and become popular in regions such as Cairo and Mecca.

Turkish Coffee

Coffee was originally prohibited in Ottoman Turkey by Sultan Murad at the time. In the mid 16th century, the first coffee house in Istanbul was opening by two individuals from Damascus and Aleppo. The shop was located in a district called Tahtakale.


Turkish coffee is prepared differently than traditional coffee. If sugar or sweetener is to be added to the coffee, you must add it in before it boils, not after. The coffee must also boil as slowly as possible, without letting it simmer for too long. When the coffee begins to froth, about a portion of the coffee is poured into the desired cups and put back on the heat. After it froths again, the rest of the coffee may be poured.

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