Cortas Halva 454g

Cortas Halva 454g

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Exotic Candy

Cortas is a Lebanese company that manufactures many kinds of confectionery products. Cortas Halva is a Lebanese style sesame seed based candy. You can make halva in many different styles. Our customers can purchase some of the finest halva in the world, right here!


Nutty Sweet

Halva has a chalky and smooth texture. It is usually made from a sesame seed paste called tahini. Another primary ingredient in the candy is sugar. The popularity of halva is rising rapidly because of its nutty flavor. Most noteworthy, halva often comes mixed in with various nuts, chocolate or vanilla. In addition to this sweet confectionery dessert being popular in the Middle East, it is also popular in Europe. Turkey has significantly played a part in increasing the popularity of halva in Europe.

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Almond, Chocolate, Pistachio, Plain, Suagr Free