Jasmine Shawarma Meat Spice 255g

Jasmine Shawarma Meat Spice 255g




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Jasmine Shawarma Meat Spice is one of many of our unique shaker style spices! The variety that Jasmine Foods offers for spices is unique. Browse through our spices category for a look at all our stock and variety. we carry spices for every occasion. Our worldly spices are all exotic, adventurous and authentic!

What is Shawarma?

Jasmine Shawarma Meat Spice is a mixture of spices which are used together in order to make a Middle Eastern red meat donair dish. This mixture is known to contain ingredients that go well with red meat.


This unique spice is often used to add a tangy and aromatic flavor to whatever dish you add it to. Mix it in with rice and meat or even when barbecuing Fish! For best results, use on boneless red meat.

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