Jasmine Zaatar Aleppo Blend 340g

Jasmine Zaatar Aleppo Blend 340g




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Jasmine Zaatar Aleppo Blend is one of many of our unique shaker style spices! The variety that Jasmine Foods offers for spices is unmatched. Browse through our spices category for a look at all our stock and variety. we carry spices for every occasion. Our worldly spices are all exotic, adventurous and authentic!

What is Zaatar Aleppo Blend ?

Jasmine Zaatar Aleppo Blend is a mixture of spices and is a condiment in Middle Eastern Cuisine. This mixture contains ingredients such as salt, sesame seeds, dried sumac and thyme. Aleppo blend is the Syrian variation of zaatar, contains more thyme and is traditionally greener in color.


This unique spice adds a refreshing and aromatic flavor to whatever dish you add it to. Mix it with some olive oil and spread it onto bread to enjoy!

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