Cortas Blossom Water

Cortas Blossom Water



Product Description

Essential Water Extracts

Cortas is a Lebanese company that manufactures many kinds of water extract products. The Cortas Blossom Water is a Lebanese style orange blossom water.


Aromatic Cuisine

Orange blossom water is traditionally an aromatic enhancer and is in many Mediterranean and worldly dessert dishes.  In places like Spain and Morocco, orange blossom water is prominent in many cake and pastry dishes as well as certain kinds of coffee. Furthermore, orange blossom water has been popularized by Western cuisine. The essential water sees use in the flavoring of madeleines, wedding cakes, and marshmallows. In Middle Eastern countries, one often refers to orange blossom water when talking about traditional medicine. Middle Easterners often use orange blossom water to treat stomach and heart aches.

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300ml, 500ml